300 labs just can’t be wrong. Can they?

Saw a story last night on an Orlando television station’s site concerning the number of reported COVID infections in Florida. Appears multiple labs doing testing in Florida were only reporting cases as positive. Nothing negative, which from my understanding of life and mathematics, is impossible.

Apparently 300 labs were involved in this mess. For instance one lab reported 97% positive but hospital said those were in error, was actually more like 7%. From news I was listening to today, numbers could be off by more than 30%

It’s bad enough with all the mess going on in the world you don’t know what to believe anymore. I turn most news off anymore. Won’t help you feel positive listening to it all the time. If something sounds really far fetch, I do my best to find other sources and compare.

Sad that our press that cry’s freedom of the press, don’t do their job.

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