When did I become a morning person?

I remember when I could stay up all night and sleep to noon on the weekends. Being a morning person wasn’t something I didn’t care to be.

One life Fitness Greenbrier

Yet, here I am most mornings either getting up to go to the gym or get a walk/jog in before work at home.

Today was the first time I actually got to gym first thing in the morning at opening time. Maybe part of this is me not wanting to take it for granted. After close to three months not being able to go.

I’m getting back to where I was for the most part with weights before the shutdown. I find this is my quiet time. Before work, the elderly parent and other things take over my day. This weekend I got an hour in each day. Part of me doesn’t know with this tropical storm/hurricane will I have to miss a day. I’ll fight to get in as much time as I can today.

I got back home in time for church. The message today really struck home in a lot of ways. Giving me things to examine and think about.

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