Want to live a healthier life? Get rid of as much social media as you can!

I am finding more and more that social media really doesn’t do much that’s positive for people, especially Facebook.

Every time I pull up my account I don’t get to see what I really want to, posts from people I follow. It’s a constant churn of political posts instead.

Don’t get me wrong. I do post things from time to time that is of a political nature, but not often because then the “Karen’s” of the internet come to tell you what a mean human being you are for an opinion. It just sucks when you wade through all the noise and five days later, you realize someone died.

Found an interesting blog from someone who pretty much sums up the toxic world of Facebook. Why I Said Goodbye to Facebook.

If I didn’t administer a page for my office I think I would completely delete. I’m just going to log off and I’m going to remove messenger from my phone.

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