Transformation Tuesday

So… what is your excuse?

Left Summer 2011 / Right this morning

Amazing what a difference I see 9 years from the photo on the left. The fat, miserable, pre diabetic me. The me that was being told you’re in middle age stage of life and just accept the fat. Your metabolism slows down. The me that one evening at a friends home I literally laid back on their couch and stopped breathing. Waking up to them scared to death that I had died on their couch.

To hell with that. No longer worrying about diabetes. Sleep better. Feel better. Have more confidence. Looking forward to being as active for as long as I can for The rest of my life.

If you are sitting on the couch feeling miserable… you can make a change for The better. The thing is this, you have to want to do it. Was seeing on a news report that this Covid mess is really doing a number on people with diabetes. Think I’m not thankful I’m not one?

Don’t know where to start? Talk to your doctor. See a nutritionist. Start a plan to make changes. It doesn’t happen overnight but if you stick to making one change at a time then when it becomes a habit, you will find it’s easier to add another step to the program. A lot of people try to change a bunch of things at once. That is a recipe for disaster.

Also realize you are going to have days you screw up. Tomorrow is another day. You start fresh. Too many people have conditioned their minds to believe they are a failure. Then when they have a set back, the stop. Instead, they should keep pushing forward.

The reward at the end is worth it. I still have a way to go in my goals but I’m closer to where I want to be than where I was where I started.

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