Lord of the jungle

Sam guarding his kingdom

Today is my work from home day. So it allows me to catch things around home I normally would not since I would already be in the office. I noticed the neighbor’s cat, Sam, staring into the foliage. I assumed he was seeing something to pounce on. I had read sometime ago about a study saying that outdoor cats changing the local ecosystem from all the prey they catch. They must have been studying Sam.

I can’t remember the number of nights over the past few years where you can hear him fighting with another feline, laying claim to his territory. From what I can tell, he must have won his fights, but walked with the wounds for several days for it.

So as I was walking up to see what Sam was going to probably get into this time, I noticed something large on the ground to the left.

The mighty Sam’s latest kill

As far as I can remember, I don’t recall ever seeing a rat in person. I’ve seen mice and moles. Judging by the tail that looked like a rigid electrical cord, yeah it’s a rat. Sam made a good kill. At least I assume he did it. He got very protective over it. I don’t think cats would be so protective over something they didn’t deprive of life.

Sam ran and picked up his prize then put it back down.

It was funny. When he put his catch down I advised Sam I hope he would soon move his catch from my yard. Not really looking forward to having to remove a rat carcass from the yard. I know I don’t want to run the mower over it later. After I told him this, he looks up, meows and then starts head butting my leg and purring. Guess he was asking did he do a good job. Well, since I don’t care to have rats in the yard I had to reward him with a good rub between the ears.

I had to thank Sam this morning. For a moment life seemed normal. There’s no pandemic, social unrest and lockdowns. For a brief moment, I was able to think about something entirely different. While the world seems to be heading for chaos and uncertainty I was able to see that the world still goes on. The laws of nature still apply. Cats will still seek and capture prey.

I just hope later when I check, Sam has decided to be a good lord of his kingdom and have his prey moved to another location. I doubt he is actually going to have rat for lunch.

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