Workout Saturday

The weather is great this weekend. I was lazy though. Slept in a little bit longer than during the week.

It’s important the older we get the more active we remain. After having three months unable to go to the gym thanks to government shutting everything down I’m not taking going to the gym for granted anymore.

Afterwards I went on an afternoon bike ride with a good friend on the Suffolk Seaboard Coastline Trail. This is a 3.4 mile bike, walking and jogging trail in Suffolk at the Chesapeake City line in the Pughsville section of the city to the Driver village area of the city. There’s more expansion of the trail in Suffolk that’s supposed to be completed next year as well as it’s supposed to extend more in the city of Chesapeake. It’s a nice place to get exercise and not having to deal with automobile traffic. The weekend cooler weather made it an ideal outing.

Suffolk Seaboard Coastline Trail.

I wish I had gotten just a few more pictures but I kept phone in my bag the majority of the ride. It’s nice at each end because there’s equipment to do minor bike repairs and air for the tires if needed.

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