It’s amazing when I look back and see where I was health-wise seven years ago to the present. I had begun to accept the talk of you are now middle aged and your body will start breaking down. Just accept the best is behind you.

Then when the doctor started talking about my blood sugar and I was in the pre diabetic range, I started getting scared. I have seen others who were diabetic go through hell and I sure didn’t want that. I also hate needles and could not imagine I would have to give myself injections. I know someone who died from heart issues from it as well. However, I felt lost and didn’t know what to do.

It took me contracting scabies and suffering with terrible itching and doctors misdiagnosing me for several months to get sick. I had scratched so much I developed a blood infection. Where did I get scabies you ask? I have no clue but believe it was from interacting with the public at work. My doctor told me you could shake someone’s hand and get it. I never knew there was such a thing as this but fortunately, my new dermatologist diagnosed correctly and got me on the road to recovery.

When I got sick I lost my appetite and dropped from 248 lbs to 238 in the matter of a couple weeks. I got determined not to gain that weight back. I started realizing all the voices telling me to accept getting old and lazy was nothing but lies. So my doctor set me up with a dietitian who started working on my eating. Then I started doing a lot of walking and drinking more water. The weight kept dropping. I spent so much money on clothes during this time I was going crazy.

I wanted to share a video I just produced showing my before and after pictures where I am at now. I hope if you are reading this and need motivation to change your life for the better, my story will help you see you do have the power within you to change for the better.

Transformation journey

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