For years I have had work emails and stuff come to my personal cellphone. I never wanted to carry two phones. Over the years there was a question could my personal phone be caught up in legal requests. Even though all work communications are on the servers at work. I did not like the thought that I would have to give up my personal device to strangers and have them go through my privacy.

Office phone

So…. today I now carry two phones at work. The more I think of this there are advantages. The one major plus is work is on works equipment. I won’t be pestered on my personal equipment. I go out for the evening, work isn’t following me. The work phone will be home.

Plus someone has lawsuit and demands equipment work communications is on, it’s not my personal device they get access to.

Maybe I should have done this years ago. The more technology allows work to intrude in our off hours, we need to fight to maintain that barrier and keep a healthy work/personal life balance.

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