Clean out the closet

Why is it we will turn off news and other forms of information that is nothing but constant negativity but we don’t clean out the social media barrage of negativity in our lives?

I’m learning more and more I need to weed people and news from my social media life as well. In fact, I find the more I stay off of social media the better I feel overall.

Try it. Log off Facebook. Delete Facebook Messenger since they won’t give a sign out feature. If you don’t want to do that go to settings in the app and snooze alerts for 24 hours.

Then live like you’re back in the 1990’s. For 24 hours try to stay off as much as you can. Then see how you feel when you go back in. That should tell you all you need to know.

2 thoughts on “Clean out the closet

  1. I definitely meter my usage these days and I have snoozed for a few weeks at a time. I’ve even went so gar as to make my phone screen monochrome so as to shut down its enticing, candy-colored display. It’s weird how intense it looks after you’ve had it off for a while.

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