A year of stand still.

So far I have kept my sanity. There are days that really try me. I try and concentrate on what I should be thankful for. There is plenty when I stop and think about it.

The hardest point of this is the isolation. Here is what I have learned so far. If you try to speak out how you are doing mentally you are basically told to shut up. You are told you should be thankful that there are others worse off than you.

There is no denying that fact. However, telling people they should not express their feelings because itโ€™s shameful is wrong.

The worst thing you can do is keep the turmoil bottled up inside you. I am thankful I am able to get to the gym or get outside and get exercise. It helps but it is not the answer for being able to express how you are doing.

If you have people making you feel you should suck it up and just shut up. You need to evaluate the people around you. Are they also struggling to handle the isolation and turmoil or are they people that just like to tear others down? Once you know what the answer is you then will know are these people you need to have in your life.

Facebook started a trend that I think has been very harmful. We call everyone friend. Everyone is not our friend. We have people we are acquainted with but we really do not know them yet a lot of people automatically treat those as close friends and start to reveal details of their lives that would have better been left private.

Find a counselor. Most churches offer counseling services as do most health insurance plans. Get active. Try to exercise. Get outside and find some enjoyment in nature. These wonโ€™t be answers to what is bothering you in most cases but it will help your mind. There have been times for a few moments I find peaceful minutes and feel things are normal.

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