Tired of the fear

Made a mistake this morning. I looked on my Facebook wall. Tired of all the sheep still running around that they are going to die.

NEWS FLASH! We are all going to die. Our bodies will wear out. It’s a matter of time and it’s a fact of life. Since the majority of the scared people like telling me to suffer in silence from no real human contact in 7 months I finally looked at some of the people running scared that Big Orange man going to kill them.

I looked at one in particular. Someone I knew from school. Asked the important question: was this person ever really a friend to me? Answer: No. action: removed and blocked from my Facebook. That’s one less geriatric Democrat running for office will save me post I see all day.

Especially when he was one of the ones earlier this year calling locking down borders xenophobic and supported disastrous trade deals like NAFTA which I’m sure helped get us to the point where we are dependent on factories in foreign countries that are not our friends for our medical supplies. Let’s be honest here. We don’t even make our drugs here unless they are name brand. China was turning around ships with PPE supplies paid for by us to use for themselves. Go read news out of Australia. They have been in a war of words with China for months. Does any news media here cover the interactions? No. Thankfully, I can go to their news sources and read what’s going on there.

So after I did a little house cleaning from people crying we are all going to die and the Government is the only thing that can save us I did the next best thing.

I logged out.

I’m tired of getting carefully scripted news fed to me. I’m tired of having to look for news outside of the United States to get the full picture because our news media here is no longer objective. Our news media, owned by a few corporations, has decided to choose sides and if news doesn’t fit what they want to feed us, it’s ignored. Unfortunately, most people don’t see what’s going on because of the day to day routines of life.

When I have actually sat down and looked at edited video from major news sources saying one thing and then I go find the actual footage and it’s a different narrative entirely, we have a problem.

A press that isn’t the vanguard of information to keep the citizens informed and government honest, is more of a danger than anything external we face.

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