One small step for me

I have now gone over a week not smoking in my car.

With all the Covid crap and everything else this year I would get my car detailed and make myself promise not to light another cigarette in her. After a day or so… I did it again.

To have now gone seven days without doing it I feel satisfaction from sticking to a promise to myself. This should also help me on my kicking the habit soon.

I’ve done it before about ten years or so. Went six months and in a moment of severe work stress, I lit one up.

During my physical this summer my doctor told me he wasn’t going to give me grief on it this year. I was stunned cause I started off saying I haven’t quit, I know I should but with all this isolation and mess it just wasn’t going to happen right now.

He then told me there were studies going on because it appeared that smokers were not being affected at all or very mildly from covid. They were researching trying to find out why. Now he said if you have lung disease like COPD you’re SOL but he wasn’t going to give me grief this year if there was some speck of truth to these reports.

But I need to stop. It’s nice not to see ash in the car. It’s nice knowing if I have passengers the car doesn’t stink of tobacco.

Plus I would kick myself if I burn a hole in a seat.

So I’ll take these baby steps and build on them.

3 thoughts on “One small step for me

  1. Baby steps are the best. Bigger chance of success. I tried (and failed) to quit so many times over the years. This time it needs to succeed. I quit a week-ish ago and I’m walking right beside you. With baby steps. Good luck!


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