6 thoughts on “The Passing of Eddie Van Halen Reveals an Uncomfortable Truth About the Power of Praise (and a Forgotten Aspect of Emotional Intelligence)

  1. You know, I got the chance to thanks one of my musical heroes in person once at a book signing, but like the article says, maybe my “heart wasn’t in the right place” necessarily. He made me FEEL something profound once when I was listening to one of his albums in a particular setting. In the maybe ten seconds I had to try to communicate that, with a bunch of people lined-up behind me, he just looked at the book I had for him to sign, said “Yeah?”, handed it back to me and said “NEXT!” ha ha. I was literally crushed because I had taken my own attachment memory and projected it onto him. I mean, what the hell was he supposed to say? There’s no chance he could ever really understand the experience I had with his music. That was for me and me alone. ; )

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