191 Days

Number days achieved goal on Apple Watch

191 days. Shortly after lockdown and pandemic and gym closure for three months. Let’s see what date was it 191 days ago. Siri?

For so long exercise and staying active was my only outlet. Soon my watch was telling me I was a few days away from beating my previous record of 80 some days. I kept going. Then I wanted to see how long I could go. I would walk/jog and do what workouts I could do at home. Then the gym opened up. Limited capacity. I started going back. Decided I would try getting up early before work.

Started finding I was enjoying getting up and working out first thing. I seem to have more energy first thing in the morning compared to evenings. Plus, I enjoy getting it out of the way so after work I can do other things.

Lately I have been feeling tired of exercising everyday. I tell myself I will skip a day and take a rest. Then I see the goal in the watch and feel I have to extend it. Damn watch!

I know the streak will come to an end one day. I will either get sick or something will happen that will prevent me from hitting a daily goal. I guess it’s been a form of competition. I need to set up rest days. I’ve been trying to have one day of gym as upper body. Next day legs. Then if I didn’t feel like gym, go for walk/jog. I considered that as a form of rest day.

Part me off wants to miss a day. Break the steak. Feel the pressure I’ve put on myself go because it would take over 190 days to beat this one.

Today’s leg day

But I’m going to bed soon. I plan on getting up at 4:30 and leave between 5 to 5:15 for the gym. Then get at least 30 minutes in before heading back for shower and change for work.

Unless something unexpected happens tomorrow, I’ll probably hit the move goal (660 Calories) again.

2020. Started in January with my 50th birthday and then everything went into the toilet. I’ve joked with people it’s my fault due to the big 5-0.

There are days I feel that things are changing me and I don’t like what those changes are. Days I feel I’m having to fight to retain my humanity and remember when things were “normal”.

I don’t think things will ever be normal again. Not for me anyway. I will never take human contact for granted ever again, that’s for sure.

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