I’m finding Facebook is not necessary for me.

I think I am going on four days of not really paying attention to Facebook this week. Oh, I signed in a couple of times just to see if someone had a birthday and was seeing how someone I know who is ill is doing but then I logged off.

There is no desire to log in. In fact, I might just go ahead and delete the app off my phone one day soon. Facebook messenger is nothing but a tool for people to constantly send you spam crap all day. Too bad you can’t log out of it. You either have to delete the app or you mute the notifications for 24 hours.

Ever have times you notice how crappy you feel after being logged into that social network for a small length of time? Try logging out and see if things don’t look better after a short period of time.

What good is social media? In the beginning it was a fun tool. It was a way of connecting with people who shared common interests or to reconnect with people from your past that you lost contact with.

Now it’s a place where if you don’t agree 100% with others, they appear to want to do nothing more than to tear you apart. I can be thankful that when I was in school through the 80’s, we did not have this instant access to all the garbage that Facebook pushes.

Instagram is harder for me to remove. I enjoy photography and pictures from different places in the world. For the most part, it is not like Facebook with the hatred, although, it’s easy for it to rise up if not careful.

Facebook in the last few weeks paid for full page ads in major newspapers crying that Apple was hurting small businesses with their new privacy reporting requirements. Which is laughable. Facebook cares about small businesses? No, they were upset that now they are required to tell you exactly what data they are taking from you to invade your privacy for advertisting dollars.

Now you have Facebook playing God with what people can post and what users can see. To all the people who cry about their freedom of speech. You need to use the mush between your ears. The constitutional protection of freedom of speech is protecting you from Government. Facebook is a private entity and they can do with their platform whatever they want.

However, they pick and choose how their rules are applied. They are never consistent. It’s also always impossible to lodge a complaint.

Unless someone is violating laws by promoting something illegal, leave them alone. Let people engage each other and have robust debates.

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