A bad day…

Can a man admit that? Can I say that there are times that things get overwhelming and I don’t know what to do?

Or am I supposed to be all macho and pretend I am well?

Should have known by how the day started. I overslept. Woke up at 7:20 instead of my usual 5 am. No time for gym. So grabbed breakfast, went for quick walk. Then when I came back and turned on coffee maker, forgot to place cup under spout.

So those two events should have told me everything I needed to know how the day was going to go.

Work was hell. Phone calls and emails kept coming non-stop. Felt like avalanche tumbling down.

My elderly mother is starting to have something going on health wise and I feel helpless not knowing what to do to assist or get her the help she needs and I have to fight not to be short with her.

So… went for another walk.

So as this day from hell comes to an end, I welcome sleep. Tomorrow’s another day. Another 24 hours to try and make a difference and make changes that I need to make.

This past year almost everything I had faith in has been shaken like never before. I will never look at things the same ever again.

I do know… no matter the length of time I have left, I have an opportunity to make changes and hopefully, make things a little better.

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