Church violates YouTube Policies

Since I am in quarantine and could not attend Good Friday service at church this evening, I pulled the service up on YouTube to watch there.

It was a very good service. It was a service telling the story of Jesus’ betrayal by Judas, his arrest and the crucifixion. Was a mixture of music and videos depicting several aspects of the story. There was nothing extremely graphic in terms of the abuse Jesus endured from the Roman soldiers before the crucifixion. The videos allowed you to understand what was happening without seeing it happening in graphic detail say like you see in the Passion of the Christ from Mel Gibson.

So with about 15 to 20 minutes left, all of a sudden the stream stopped and the message in the pic above appeared. Thankfully the church has an app on Apple TV and that app uses a stream directly from the church. Their iPad and iPhone version flips over to YouTube. I was able to finish the rest of the service.

So according to YouTube, the telling of Jesus’ betrayal, arrest and death on Good Friday is something that can’t be seen. Have you gone on YouTube and searched for what comes close to pornography that young children can view without much effort?

I hate to disappoint the censor at YouTube. I already know the story. I am so tired of cancel culture and these tide-pod eating, wet behind the ears noobs trying to dictate to me what I can and can’t watch. So much for a free and open internet.

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