The rich and taxes

I find it warms my heart when Senator Elizabeth Warren fights for the little people and attacks the rich. (Sarcasm).

Anyone with a brain knows that most of the ultra wealthy don’t pay income taxes because they aren’t being paid a salary. I’m sure with stocks and other assets taxes are assessed for those items.

At the end of the day. If Jeff Bezos and others pay little or no tax or not, it doesn’t change my life one way of the other. My life will neither get worse or improve by his personal financial decisions. However, our uncontrolled Federal government that prints money out of thin air to keep spending… they’ll find ways to use the funds for themselves.

Maybe people need to focus on their lives and their finances and spend less time worrying about what someone else is paying. I know, if you believe you are worth more than presently paid, go elsewhere or start up your business. Maybe you can be the next Amazon.

Are people breaking laws in their finances? Or did Congress pass these laws to then turn around with nice sound bites? What I really want to know is how do people in congress go with little assets yet come out millionaires?

I have a novel idea. Abolish income taxes altogether. You want to help those in lower income levels? What a better boost to their income. Go to a flat tax or consumption tax model instead.

It will never happen. The political class will never give up the power they have gained through taxation.

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