Annoying people

We all have them in our lives. People that are just plain annoying.

I have one here at work. Thankfully they’re in another department. Just constantly pesters you in text messages about going out for smoke breaks. Vape breaks in his case.

Most mornings my phone is programmed to go to do not disturb until lunch time. With all the notifications going off I find it’s really distracting. However, his text messages I have had on silent notifications to begin with.

This morning:

Then later:

Guess he was standing somewhere watching. I don’t know. I saw his text when I stepped outside. Didn’t feel like listening to something depressing so I didn’t respond.

After awhile:

So I went into contacts and selected block. One of my coworkers asked me what’s up with him when I showed her the messages. She said he acted like someone dating someone. 😳

So now it’s time to enjoy quiet and peace.

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