America – Land of laziness

I was told some time back I wouldn’t find this verse in a Bible. Wish I could remember who so I could shove it 🤣

“For when we were with you, we commanded you that if any will not work, neither shall he eat.”
‭‭2 Thessalonians‬ ‭3:10‬ ‭MEV‬‬

When you have employers looking to fill jobs yet you have people staying home you’ve got a problem. This problem goes beyond the argument of a living wage. You’ve got a government that believes in entrapment for political power and a generation too lazy to see it.

This doesn’t apply to everyone. This also doesn’t apply to those who cannot work due to age or physical or mental disabilities that prevent them from doing so.

However, what are these people who sit home because of extra “free” money instead of finding work going to do come September?

Already we are going to run into a housing crisis. For over a year the government prevented landlords from evictions. Yet, those landlords, many who aren’t necessarily rich, had mortgages and taxes, etc that they were still required to pay. So while we may sit comfortably and call them evil SOB’s, what would you do if you owned a home or had rooms you rented for income to pay expenses you have?

You’d reach a point where you would be looking to get people into your properties to generate income to cover mortgages and taxes.

Part me of me wants to ask though. If you could make more money from unemployment instead of working… would I do the same thing? These socialistic ideas are wonderful aren’t they?

Thank you illogical Federal government. Oh, that extra free money you are giving people to sit on their rears and not re-enter the workforce. That’s money being borrowed from China and increasing the national debt. You know, that number that’s close to $30 Trillion dollars. Somehow, people don’t seem to realize the government is writing checks they can’t afford and when the proverbial 💩 hits the fan, it’s us who will be paying for it.

Instead of people being free to control their destinies, they’ve freely enslaved themselves to government.

With inflation uncertainty about if it’s temporary or something that’s going to linger, and all the other problems, mostly government made, there’s no telling how things will look down the road. Hopefully, things turn for the better.

I have doubts anymore. I’ve seen things I never thought I’d see in my country. I see big tech controlling what people can read and say. I see media doing all they can to keep people in a state of fear.

I see people isolated and having problems coping with life. I hear people have committed suicide. You have children who’ve been kept from others and have psychological issues.

Now you have people that have gone through the chore of getting vaccines being told that they aren’t protected and have to wear masks again. Tomorrow, they’ll say something different.

I’d give anything for meaningful, physical touch from another human being.

Wonder if that’s CDC approved?

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