Gov. Cuomo

Isn’t it amazing? It takes a report of sexual harassment to bring down the Governor of New York. He must have really pissed off someone in his party for this to get as far as it did. I mean let’s not forget:

No one gave a rats ass about all the elderly nursing home patients killed from Covid because this man ordered people treated with Covid to be put into nursing homes. In fact, no one cared except for the families of the victims.

Wonder if they will finally go after him for that as well. Probably not. Government wants to free up cash. What better way? The state legislature cheered when they were pushing to kill babies up to moment of birth. Why is it a stretch to think they’d want to get rid of the elderly? After all, they aren’t productive any longer. They’re a drain on society to them.

Guess I’ll go make some popcorn 🍿 and watch them eat their own.

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