Earlier this evening I saw a high school friend post that while in the drive thru at a local McDonald’s in Suffolk, VA they announced they had to close. The reason: not enough staff to cook.

So being curious, I drove out to see if true. Who hears of a McDonald’s closing early? It’s true. I did get some mild entertainment watching cars pull up and sit waiting for someone to take their order.

Is this the recovery we hear about? I think not.

I have moments of feeling defeated and depressed. Wondering if these clowns in power are going to try and shut things down again. Listening to the older farts complain about people not wearing masks. Why the hell am I supposed to? I am around an elderly parent. I made decision to get the vaccine after good conversation with my doctor because of her. My mother also got the vaccine.

When they give you the shots you read a statement. Which if you substituted flu instead of Covid it reads just the same. This vaccine does not guarantee you will not catch the virus. It’s supposed to prevent serious side effects.

I am hearing from friend who’s daughter is a nurse that those vaccinated are getting it. You heard news heads saying it’s the unvaccinated fault… rubbish if you ask me.

I’m over the constant fear that has enveloped our culture for over a year. Does any of these “experts” give a damn about people’s mental health? No, they do not. That’s the sad fact of the matter. I feel bad for all the children who are suffering from social distancing and isolation. I cope the best way I know how. I’m thankful for my church family as well as the gym for helping me keep sane. How do they handle all this? They haven’t had the life experiences yet to learn ways to work through all this mess. If I’m feeling moments of depression, what are they going through.

Someone told me the other day I need to quit smoking. Asked why, isn’t Corona going to do it for me? I know I need to but you’ve taken most enjoyment out of life. Now they want to do this.

So I calmly turned and gave them a big smile. Then told them that they might live longer if they minded their own damn business and turned away.

That felt good.

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