Am I the only one?

Am I the only one thinking we’ve not seen anything yet? Not talking about virus. I’m talking economics.

We have a dysfunctional government. They are racking up debt faster than a whore can get Johns. Inflation. Prices going up and the biggest: landlords unable to evict those not paying rent.

Let’s face it. I am confident there’s a large percentage of people not paying rent because they hear the government won’t let them do it. However, this doesn’t erase rents. It stops the eviction process. So these knuckleheads are not paying and can do so, and keep building up the tab.

When this balloon pops …. It’s going to wreck havoc. Now please understand. People out of work and struggling due to the lockdowns and things out of their control are not who I’m talking about. I’m talking about the millions still earning salaries and working from home more than likely choosing not to pay the landlords.

I just have a very uneasy feeling that we haven’t seen anything yet and a lot of what’s about to happen… it’s these politicians we’ve sent to represent us that honestly have no clue what their actions will start. All they care about is getting votes. Remember, they’re preparing for midterm elections. Like everything else they want to kick this can as far as they can. The CDC has no legal authority for what they’re doing. Congress doesn’t want to pass any legislation because they know what’s going to happen.

I pray I’m wrong but I can’t shake this feeling we haven’t seen the worst of all of this yet.

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