Photography… an escape!

I enjoy finding things that people pass without thinking and trying to tell its story in a fun way.

Last night leaving church I decided to take a little detour before heading home. I drive through the village of Driver in Suffolk.

Everything was quiet for the evening except for the occasional car that would pass by. As I was driving by Berea Christian Church I turned around. Seeing the light streaming through its stained glass Windows I just had to get a shot.

The cameras on today’s smart phones is amazing compared to just a few years ago. What you are able to capture in the palm of your hand is stunning.

I am very rusty working with a DSLR camera system. I haven’t used an SLR since my junior/senior years of high school. I always hated developing film. It was a process that wasn’t fun. Especially trying to do what needed to be done in complete darkness. I would like to get a digital model and rediscover the fun of shutter speeds and aperture settings… using different lenses and all the fun stuff. But I’ll have to just deal with what I have in hand presently.

This photo was shot on the iPhone 12 Pro Max in the pro RAW mode. I did use photoshop on it trying to pull more detail out of the main stained glass over the entranceway. I still have to work on being able to get more out of photoshop.

However, when you zoom in and see the detail this phone captured on the building, I can’t complain. Lowlight just a few years ago wouldn’t have been this good. So I hope you enjoy the shot. Thought of throwing a watermark on it but screw it. If someone wants to steal something as their work bad enough they’ll find a way.

Berea Christian Church. Suffolk, VA

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