Transformation Tuesday

If you are sitting around waiting for the government and politicians to take care of your health might I suggest you look at Afghanistan at the moment.

You are responsible for your health and what goes in your body. Regardless if it’s medicine or food, it’s your decisions. I share the video below to hopefully encourage those who feel they can’t make a change for the better. You have more ability to change than you are probably giving yourself credit for.

The thing is, you have to make these changes for you. If you are trying to make changes to please or get something from others, you’re going to fail.

Stop doing these dumb diets that do nothing but encourage failure. Make changes that are healthier that you can live with. It’s much easier that way.

Don’t try and change a zillion things at once. Start with one or two things. When those become habits you no longer think about, add another item to your routine.

There is no sudden fix. This take time. Before and after in video is a difference of 5 years. I’m still learning. You will too! Get your doctor to put you in touch with a dietician, especially if you have medical issues. They can help you on the road to healthier living.

Your body will thank you!

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