View from my back patio

Good morning. It’s day two of staycation. I should have already been to the gym but I will go shortly. I did beat myself up a bit but had to remind myself. I have all day to go.

I feel for the current generation that’s coming along now. They don’t have to experience of life my generation has to see things in the world are seriously whacked.

Have you seen what is going on in Australia? They’ve put the entire nation on lockdown with martial law. For 1 Covid death a day?

Have you noticed how arrogant our leaders are today? I’m expecting on the news to see them lounging, being fed grapes and telling the rest of us to eat cake.

Your individual rights and health concerns no longer matter. You’re selfish. It’s the collective good that matters. You are losing it mentally, they don’t care. In fact, they probably celebrate in private those that commit suicide. That frees up resources for others.

Just within the past few days, Nancy Pilosi, the queen of the House of Representatives, held a fundraising dinner in California. $10,000 per plate affair. Video shows people sitting elbow to elbow. None of them were wearing masks. Only the “servants” were masked.

What’s happened to a serious health crisis?

Heaven forbid I point out their hypocrisy. The ultimate bullies are now drunk on power, shredding our rights and freedoms for their inadequate feelings of themselves.

So. What is truth and what is lies?

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