Time to quit

I know I need to quit smoking. 10 years ago I did quit for little over six months. Or was it 16 years? Time flies.

Was in Wegmans in Virginia Beach yesterday when I noticed their quit smoking section. Never tried the gum before. Last time was with the help of patches.

Back then they were 50% cheaper then now and it’s sticker shock looking at a box of them now. It’s psychological I know. If I purchased them by the carton when I got a pack it probably wouldn’t. However, this brand of gum is half what the others cost so I got two boxes.

So within the next couple of days I will do a quit day and see how this works.

Last year in the midst of the Covid crap I had my yearly physical. I came out and told my doctor that I hadn’t quit yet. Told him between the isolation and other mess it was either smoke a cigarette or punch someone.

He told me that they were finding that Covid wasn’t affecting smokers like the rest of the population. Either they were not getting it or if they did it was very mild and they were doing studies trying to find out why. So he said he wasn’t going to get on me about it right now. He was going to take a chance it was protecting me from the virus. He told me if people had lung disease they were SOL but otherwise…

I need to quit. I need to not play Russian roulette every time I light one up. That’s a couple hundred a month I can use elsewhere.

I need to not smell like a smoke stack.

Need to show this habit who’s the boss.

Part of this was I didn’t like being told what to do. Pray I succeed this time for good. Having a few days before being back at work should give a head start to be able to handle stressors that triggered the desire to light one up.

2 thoughts on “Time to quit

  1. What a coincidence. I have recently made the same decision. I am getting my patches today. Im a long time smoker and I knew it’s going to be hard. Im rooting for you and wishing you success. If you find any thing that helps you I would love to hear about it. We can do this!! I’m cheering you on 😁😁


    • Thank you. Good luck to you as well. The patches I found did help with the addiction part. It’s the habits associated with it you have to watch. Rooting for you too!

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