Good day for park

Went to gym and got about 40 minutes of upper body workout in. Then decided I wanted to get some nature in today as well. Glad I went.

Got almost 2 miles in. All good sweat!

I guess you can get too much nicotine from the gum if you chew too much? I’ve felt light headed all afternoon. Appears it’s the nicotine in the gum. Guess you stop chewing first hint of tingling. However, I feel good that I haven’t smoked a cigarette all day. I probably didn’t need to use the gum. The package said if you have one within 30 minutes of getting up use the 4MG gum. Otherwise use 2MG. Well I picked up the 4MG. They said to stop chewing once you had the tingling sensation. I am accustomed to chewing gum so I guess it overloaded me.

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