I hadn’t been to church in years. In late 2019 I started getting back into my faith and felt the tug to start attending church in person again. Little did I know that 2020 was coming and all that followed. As the gym has helped me physically, my church has helped me spiritually and mentally. I don’t want to think how things would have been without this support system.

Then to not only attend but to have gotten into serving with the online production team, wasn’t something I would have seen myself doing several years back. If I can help get a message out that can help someone else like the church has helped me it’s worth it.

Mental health is very important and I know people are suffering mentally, especially kids and teens. Being older and knowing what we should do for our mental health hasn’t made things easier during this time.

If you are stuck inside or unable to gather in person with others check out our online services. I’ll share link to today’s service.

After today it will just be the pastors message. Last month they traveled to Turkey to do a message series on Jesus’ message to the seven churches in Revelation. If you like the message tune in each week on YouTube.

If you are needing help mentally, don’t suffer in silence. Reach out and find help.

Be safe and take care of yourself! Don’t let others force you to suffer alone if you find yourself struggling with loneliness and isolation. We are meant to be around others. You are not wrong for feeling the way you are feeling.

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