I’m feeling old.

Maybe I am. According to my birthday I am 51. Yet, inside I don’t feel any different from when I was in my twenties.

Yet the world is changing so fast I’m starting to feel I’m falling behind. A generation Xer who grew up on technology, the home computer, video games, cell phones. I am starting to feel like an old relic.

I do admit there are new technologies I really don’t care for. Tic Tok, etc. To be perfectly honest I feel social media should just go away. What started out as a way to keep up with friends and family has turned into something a lot worse. I’m just thankful these platforms were not available when I was in school.

The technology itself isn’t the problem. It’s how people use it. We now have a society that doesn’t know how to communicate with other people outside of social media and text messages.

Think about it. People are glued to devices. They text. Then they have moments where they have to actually engage a person as humans have done for thousands of years and they are not equipped to handle spoken words, body language, etc. I’ve sometimes have wondered if that leads to more domestic issues such as assaults, etc. I think I will research online to see if there are actually documented studies on this.

One thing I’ve noticed for fact is people misunderstanding or misinterpretation of text messages. I’ve actually have had people blow up at me for thinking I meant something I did not in texts.

One such incident almost cost me a twenty year friendship.

Now they use the platforms to control what you can read and what you can share. They claim it’s because we are too stupid to understand what’s real and what’s not. Oh how much easier is it to control digital print and media. Redirect IP addresses there. Make DNS servers misdirect there. Delete documents that have been public for years. Search engines and articles show something used to be there.

So maybe I am old. I remember a time when things were not what they are now. I realize I will probably never see things that way again.

Instead we will probably see a surveillance state like China and be monitored 24/7 by cameras and given a social credit score for being a good, mindless drone.

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