Is everyone losing it?

On Facebook this evening on of my followers posted two instances of rude behavior towards them today.

She went to gas up her automobile. She pulled up to a pump. Getting ready to put the nozzle in and pump when the lady behind her started honking and screaming.

The automobile that was in front of her head pulled away. Apparently this woman was upset my friend didn’t pull up to that pump. Was yelling mess such as old people don’t deserve respect and are stupid, etc.

Then later this afternoon after leaving her office a tenant nearby had their dog with them and when the dog saw her, it got excited and started barking. The woman, a hair stylist, got upset screaming at friend can’t you see I’m trying to work. My friend knew she was bitching about her to the client because she pointed at her several times.

Started to make me wonder. Is the world starting to come unhinged now? Things going to get worse?

5 thoughts on “Is everyone losing it?

    • What’s even worse is people will stand by and watch someone scream at an older person and not do a darn thing! I would have told the person to back off the other person. Probably would have ended it right there. Thankfully here at the gym it seems people are normal at the moment 😀

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      • Unfortunately, That’s usually what happens, Keith. People are chicken anymore and yes, I would’ve told them to back off too. I’m not the type to stand back and watch an older person get yelled at and not say anything, even if it gets me hurt. And if it happens to be me getting yelled at, I just tell them to “shut the hell up” and walk away. 🙂

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