Blog changes

Over the weekend I suddenly found I couldn’t load any posts with images. Yes, I had used all the free storage WP gave me (Gasp!)

So I went ahead and decided to give them some money for an upgraded plan. They threw in a free domain name for a year.

I didn’t think the Oh lord I’m 50 would be good for a domain name since I’m no longer 50

Yes. I know. It shocked me as well. So there’s a new domain name I figured this would cover all bases 😂

I may look at setting up my own server down the road. Right now, I don’t want to mess with it. Let WP do all the work.

3 thoughts on “Blog changes

  1. Does this mean you will no longer be posting on this site? Do we now go to your new one and follow there? Or do all your followers automatically transfer to the new one?? I’m not sure how all that works lol….Sorry for all the questions 😅


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