The past couple of days.

I am on staycation again. Two of my days have flown by quickly.

Saturday was gym and then off to Norfolk for a HorrorCON. Think of something for comics except this is all horror film related. It wasn’t worth the cost of admission in my opinion.

There was this actress that I figured it is somewhat famous in general but seems to be really known in horror films, Catherine Corcoran. Seemed pretty nice but not familiar with the films she was in I didn’t know a lot about her until later Saturday evening when I did some Googling.


Most everyone there was nerdier than I have ever been but being involved with computer clubs and amateur radio I pretty much understood them. The weirdest table I came across was a witchcraft table. I felt uneasy around that stuff and made sure to get away from it.

Sunday was church and it was my weekend of serving on production team for online service.

In a world that seems to have lost its mind I find peace when I’m at church. Helps to keep me sane.

Today was gum and then I went to the Virgina Beach oceanfront for some sun time.

I got a little bit of reading in weather was excellent. Dolphins were out again. Closer to shore than I’ve seen them before.

Oceanfront. Virginia Beach, Virginia.

I hope to get one or two more days of beach in this week. Will see how things go.

Can’t believe summer is almost gone. Pretty soon cold weather and the mess associated with winter will soon be here. Brrr! 🥶

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