End of Summer 2021

Virginia Beach Oceanfront

I understand that Wednesday sometime after 3pm it will be the start of fall. My favorite time of year is coming to a close.

Not that it’s been enjoyable. With covid and the mask 😷 police and places accepting customers and others not, it’s been anything but my typical warm and fun time of year.

Today is also the end of staycation for me. So I figured it would be appropriate to come and spend a little time at the oceanfront this afternoon.

I am glad I decided I wasn’t going to lay out today. The wind is a bit much and the surf is crashing constantly along the shore. Guess high tide is coming.

It doesn’t look like the wind is bad enough to blow the sand along the beach but it’s a wee bit chilly. Although I am sitting in shade at the moment. Might actually feel nice.

Naw… I’m sure we will have a couple more weeks of decent weather. I’ll attempt to come lay out before the cold starts to set in.

Right now I will turn on do not disturb on my phone, and listen to the waves crash along the shoreline and listen to what nature has for a bit.

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