Tired of the censorship!

It used to be you could share a post and have good discussions on truth or false, etc. not anymore. Facebook must believe we are all stupid, have no ability to reason and think for ourselves.

YouTube, however, doesn’t seem to have a problem because the video is still up. Let them ban me. I’m going to keep sharing what they will probably drop. I recall a time when you were free to discuss most things freely with those you associate with online.

These are the same idiots who tell me when someone spoofs my Instagram account, pretends to be me, that doesn’t go against their community standards.

I’m over the overreach and constant telling me what I can read and what I can discuss. Last I heard that is part of a healthy society.

Here is the video if anyone wants to see. I make no claims one way or the other. Person, whistleblower, claims they have information not being shared. Anyone should be able to see it. Anyone should have the opportunity to decide if it has merit and meaning or consider it false. Not some holier than thou censor who you can never argue with.

See? YouTube apparently isn’t having a problem continuing to share this video.

2 thoughts on “Tired of the censorship!

    • So over being told what I can discuss. We all have brains and aren’t stupid. My posting has no effect on someone else. They’ve already got their own thoughts on issues.

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