We are led to believe

That the hospitals are overflowing with unvaccinated people contracting the Covid virus.

If that’s true, and we are constantly told hospitals are facing nursing shortages nationwide.

Then please tell me the sense in firing nurses for not getting a vaccine? They had no problem with them working without a vaccine.

How many of these people contracted the virus and recovered? When people had Measles or other diseases in the past, were they forced to get a vaccine or were we all told they had a natural immunity to the disease?

Why is it different with this “disease”?

I am starting to feel there isn’t nothing different about this virus from others in terms of immunity. However, what is different is an too powerful, overreaching federal government telling hospitals and other industries that gets money from Washington, get your people juiced up or you’ll lose funding. Plus I wouldn’t be surprised if these industries use their employee numbers to get more money as well.

So people are now losing jobs. I hear in NY it’s been said they won’t be allowed unemployment assistance. remember this when all these politicians claim they care about the children. How many children are going to be affected by this? Don’t they matter?

Does it bother you what’s happening or are you going to be self righteous saying it’s their fault. They just need to do what the government tells them. They deserve to be treated as second class citizens and made to suffer for the greater good.

What’s next, rounding people up and putting them in FEMA camps. Take away all of their rights? Treat them as not being human?

If this does bother you, why are you silent?

I seem to recall in the 1930’s, in Germany, something sort of took place against groups of people. The population grew callous and pretended what was taking place was not happening.

I’m not saying the virus isn’t real. That the vaccines help in combating spread. Yet, there are people who’ve survived it and have a natural immunity. They should be fired as well?

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