Movie Theater

A friend of mine earlier this week said he wanted to go see the latest James Bond movie in the theater this weekend since you can’t stream it yet.

Cinemark Chesapeake, VA

I had been bummed they moved Top Gun 2 again to next year and wanted to see the latest spy thriller. we decided to do the “Xtreme Digital” since it promises the best visual and audio experience.

The theater was 99% empty. Gave me the closest feeling to being extremely wealthy and having a large movie room in your home.

The movie did not disappoint. However, I have to admit, I haven’t seen hardly any of the latest Bond films in several years. I won’t give any spoilers. Let’s just say… I didn’t expect the ending that I saw.

But it felt pre-pandemic tonight. Staff at theater were all wearing masks. I wasn’t required to. I had mine on hand just in case.

But the outrageous cost of food made things seem normal. What seemed really strange was all the movie credits you watched. It was over twenty minutes of just that.

Then afterwards my friend and I grabbed some dinner. One restaurant we went to was demanding effective wear a mask. I left their food wasn’t good enough to mess with that.

Metro diner

So Metro Diner it was.

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