Alec Baldwin Movie Set Tragedy

I’ve never cared for Alec Baldwin as a human being. He is someone who reminds me of a bully and his politics and antics just made that feeling stick more to where I didn’t actively watch his content.

However, I can’t begin to imagine what horror you must feel realizing you were instrumental in the death of one individual and wounding another. Made even worse from the fact it wasn’t supposed to happen. The tragic accident happened Thursday in New Mexico where the set of his movie “Rust” was being filmed.

Distraught actor Alec Baldwin in New Mexico

Seeing pictures of him, I am seeing someone who’s at a very low point in life. I can only imagine what is going on inside. I don’t know how I would handle such a tragic accident.

Anguish. He is a human after all.

What I would hope is people would give him a break. They won’t. We have become so polarized that there are those who will take statements and words he has said and ram them into him like a knife.

At moment I can’t figure out from what I am reading was the gun loaded with blanks that weren’t good or was the gun loaded? I am now seeing a report stating he was asking in shock why was he given a “hot gun”. Does that mean it had live ammunition? Don’t see how that could happen on a set. Has to be faulty blanks.

Brings back the story of Brandon Lee and the accidental death on the set of “The Crow” in 1993.

2017 Baldwin Tweet now being thrown back in social media

Have we as a society gone so far that we will not stop and show compassion to someone? Especially someone you might feel doesn’t deserve it? Are things so far gone that no matter the situation we have to go thermonuclear destruction on the “enemy”?

It just goes to show that you are never up so high to have something bring you down low. The actor who was a pompous a-hole to a lot of people. Fighting with paparazzi, assaulting a man over a parking spot, calling his daughter a “Rude thoughtless little pig” and attacking viciously anyone who didn’t agree with him politically.

Now you see the facade shattered and showing anguish and emotion. He is human after all.

My sincere condolences to the family of Halyna Hutchins who was the director of photography and prayers for speedy recovery of the director, Joel Souza.

Also will pray for Alec Baldwin. I pray he is able to get through this and come through. Maybe this will teach him some humility and have a different outlook on life.

Movie set accident

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