Joys of getting older (Part 2)

I got new glasses after going four years on my prior pair. I would have gotten them last year but with the Covid mess I didn’t feel like dealing with all the restrictions going into a medical office.

So got my new prescription and ordered glasses in September. I think I shared a pic here when I went to pick them up.

Had nothing but problems. I figured I just had to get used to the change so I dealt with it. However, earlier this week I knew something wasn’t right and was able to get an appointment this morning to get them checked.

Well. The prescription was “right” but going from a four year pair to this was just too much for my eyes to handle. The technician who did my exam thought my glasses were a year old. So I had another exam and doctor did adjustments so my eyes should adapt better. Just have to wait for the new lens to be made.

Hopefully the eye saga will be over shortly.

The older I get the more I find you spend more time in doctor offices and checkups.

So once that was over I met up with a friend and went out for some shopping.

I was eligible for phone upgrade. Had no plans to go to the new iPhone 13 but when I was in the store I thought it might be nice to go to the phone 13 pro and not have the max sized model. Unlike prior years both pro model specs are exactly the same, except for the screen size. Last year on the 12, the pro max cameras were nicer than the pro.

I thought it would be nicer to have the smaller size for carrying in pockets, etc. the max I usually had to use my back pocket. The difference in battery life between pro and pro max weren’t that different. But. It’s going to take a day or so to get comfortable with the difference. Because I’ve had a max size for about four years now.

Should be fun 🙂

Here’s a picture I took from the 12 pro max today. The last one before the upgrade.

It’s the time of year for changing seasons.

Next Sunday will suck. We change from daylight savings time. It’s going to get dark quick.

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