A day of little adventure

I took today off from work. My elderly mother had an appointment with an eye specialist in Nofolk and I didn’t see the point in driving twenty miles to work for a few hours only to drive another twenty home, pick her up and put another forty some miles on top of that.

I did sleep in a little longer this morning which was nice. Got ready for the gym after breakfast and planned on going to the UPS store first to drop off my iPhone 12 Pro Max to be delivered back to my phone carrier. I upgraded to the 13 Pro over the weekend and part of the deal is my phone carrier gets the old model since I didn’t fully pay it off.

As fate would have it, they open an hour later so off to my gym I went. Had a very good leg day workout. Then went and dropped it off for delivery.

Went by the car wash and came home to check on my mother. She has trouble going to sleep and resting through the night. Her doctor prescribed Zoloft. It’s doing a number on her. She slept through the night but felt like she had no strength. Then a few hours later she told me she cancelled the doctors appointment.

Which was fine with me. They make you stand outside and wait to get your temperature taken. She has trouble with her balance when she isn’t moving. Plus it looked like it was going to rain today. So I didn’t mind not having to deal with all that mess today. I put a call in to her doctor to tell them what I was noticing and was this right for her to continue taking.

So I went and got my early voting off the way and decided to go to Virgina Beach for the afternoon. Mom didn’t want to ride anywhere.

Went to my favorite military surplus store and got some more gym shorts. I love silkies! If it wasn’t for my flat feet I would have joined for these. The most comfortable shorts I’ve ever had and are great for working out. Doesn’t restrict movement. Plus dropping over almost 60 lbs, makes me feel good wearing something smaller and not looking like a blob.

Having lived in this area all of my life I sometimes surprise myself by finding new things. I found a secluded beach at First Landing State park I never knew about.

Can’t wait for warmer, sunny days that I can check this out. So close to the ocean but far enough from tourists.

First landing beach – Virginia Beach

It’s been a long time since I discovered something like this hidden.

Then some rain decided to appear. I left and went over to the boardwalk and the rain left and some sun came again.

Always enjoy seeing the Navy Seal monument. To read the stories etched in the marble. To find out the sand that surrounds the frogman statue is actually sand from I believe 80 areas from around the world that holds importance in seal history. These guys are badass to the core. It’s nice to see this monument here. The early predecessors came together in Virginia Beach to train in 1942.

Then you have King Neptune several blocks away. People are always getting pictures taken in front of the giant statue.

I wish we would have beach weather all year long. It’s a place to come and destress and enjoy nature. The smell of the salt air. Dolphins play off shore. You slow down and live in the moment.

It was a good day. Too bad it had to end but that’s true of all good things they say. Went and had a bite to eat for dinner then came home. One of the church Mens group I’m a part of meets online via Zoom so I checked in and enjoyed the fellowship there.

Now it’s time for bed. I hopefully will dream about beaches and the sound of crashing waves.

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