I have amazed myself!

On August 26th, 2021 I got up and started my day. Instead of lighting up a cigarette, I chewed some nicotine gum.

Today starts the 60th day of not having a cigarette. Now I am still using the gum. I haven’t gone without it yet. Chewing the gum is still better than smoking all the chemicals that are put into the tobacco.

I need to start stretching out the time between pieces of gum. The gum has helped with the physical cravings. Times I’ve had temptation dealt more with situations or routines instead of physically craving to light up.

I wish I could say the sense of smell has improved but right now I can’t. In the past I would be on allergy meds during pollen season. This year I’ve had to take it every day to breathe. Often I feel stuffed up. So if it wasn’t for that mess I am sure I would be smelling better.

I am nothing I have to make sure I maintain an active lifestyle. In the office I am sitting at my desk more than before. When I was smoking and I got worked up, I would go out and light up.

People would buy me for years to quit. If someone isn’t ready, it’s not going to work. One thing that started to work on me wasn’t being active in my church. I was starting to get self conscience wondering if I smelled like a walking ashtray or not. Then the financial cost. A pack of smokes is between $6 to $7 dollars here. I’m working out and trying to get in the best shape of my life. Smoking doesn’t make sense there.

The biggest thing was, I no longer found it to be something enjoyable.

So just remember, you’re probably talking to a brick wall if someone isn’t ready to stop. Plus, you probably sound annoying to them and it re-enforces the stubbornness of I’ll do what I want to do.

So here’s to the next 60 days. I am thankful to God I am not smoking. With 2020 and COVID plus all the turmoil in the world. I am amazed I haven’t slipped.

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