Rest In Peace Judy

One of my neighbors came out to tell me last night about our neighbor, Judy. She passed away in her home last Sunday morning.

I knew she was battling cancer and I would see her from time to time going to her door, checking the mailbox or sometimes going to her car. So this past week I didn’t think nothing about not seeing her. My schedule I am normally not home during the day

I’m glad I wasn’t there to witness her being removed from her home. I was at church during that moment. I think that would have torn me up big time.

I pray she’s at peace. She had a lot of heartache over the years. The biggest was her husband leaving her for another man about 25 years ago. Going to miss seeing her around.

2 thoughts on “Rest In Peace Judy

  1. It’s always heartbreaking hearing of someone we know passing away. Not long ago my neighbor was found in her house, in her chair. They say she had been there for almost 2 weeks. I felt horrible. We weren’t close friends but we were neighbors for almost 10 years. Anyway sorry for your loss Keith.

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