Let’s celebrate!

Today starts Day 75 of not lighting up and puffing a cigarette.

So I started the celebration off with my usual morning workout at 5:40 this morning. I’m going to miss summer when the cold finally settles in for the season.

In starting to get to the place where I’m getting tired of chewing the gum now. Going to spread it out for longer duration to see how that works out. This might be the last box of nicotine gum I purchase. At least I hope it is. It’s become my security blanket. I might buy one more box to keep on hand just in case some stressors come where I start feeling the urge to get a pack of smokes.

I’m noticing some improvement in my midsection lately. Got to keep the intensity going during the winter months. Tweak the diet. Keep moving forward.

It’s also Transformation Tuesday !!! 💪🏼

Left: 2011. Right: October 2021

Amazing the difference ten years make. On the left I would be starting my climb to 248+ lbs. wasn’t until 3 to 4 years later I started the change for health. At my lowest point I was down 194/195. Now I’m hovering around 205/206 lbs.

Going to tell work I’m taking the rest of today off!!! 🤔

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