A Good Saturday

Saturday started like most Saturdays. This time, I actually got up and got to the gym before opening at 7.

Which the nicest part is no fighting over the equipment. I was surprised it was so sparse this morning. Usually there were more people.

I had to get up early this time. The scheduled oil change for my car. So I have a very good workout and then constantly deal with crazy drivers all the way to the appointment.

There were hardly any people at the dealership. Maybe one or two people there for service my entire stay. Which felt odd. Usually there would be half a dozen or more people in the waiting area. This time… I had the entire waiting area to myself.

Afterwards I went to what I really wanted to go to. My friends 65th birthday party.

New homes near oceanfront.

I haven’t seen her since fall/winter 2019. She’s been battling cancer and when the Covid crap hit she stayed pretty much quarantined. With the meds she was on her immune system wasn’t the best at the time. So I was looking forward to getting together.

She is looking great compared to where she was at. Only issue is voice. The meds they have her on to fight this form of cancer causes her to lose her voice. Thankfully, she had it today.

I am so glad I got my workout in. I ate and drank this afternoon. I know I blew the diet today but there Is always tomorrow.

I wasn’t feeling any pain

Overall, a good day, spent meeting interesting people and having plenty of interesting conversations. Plus a perfect day of weather.

I see extra pics were posted to Facebook. From another lens I give you these two.

Hiding the phone
Say Cheese!

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