Good morning!

I hope everyone is having a good morning.

Made it to church this morning to get ready for online service. Mother Nature starting the games of is it going to be warm or is it going to be cold. This morning it was the cold game. You get in and start your vehicle and the display shows a snowflake asking you to drive carefully because roads might be slippery. That kind of morning ๐Ÿ™‚

Looking at the trees changing colors outside of church this morning. Even though I am not a winter person and want more summer beach days, I do enjoy seeing the various, vibrant colors of leaves.

If we get snow, I am not a fan but I find myself enjoying the view. Itโ€™s the cleaning the car and driveway, watching out for people who canโ€™t drive in ice/snow I donโ€™t look forward to.

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