What is so great about Starbucks?

Maybe it’s I’m not a “professional” coffee drinker. You know, the ones who rattle off twenty things they want in their coffee. Usually, I just want a regular cup of joe with some cream and sugar.

Which I have found when they make that, it usually stinks. So if I’m wanting coffee and wanting something that has decent taste, I end up getting a caramel macchiato instead.

Maybe I need to go to coffee school so I can know how to get a good cup of coffee out of them. Or maybe I am supposed to ask for the dark roast instead?

Am I turning into a yuppie? (Gasp!) I’m writing about Starbucks after all. 😱

9 thoughts on “Starbucks.

  1. I am not trying to talk negative about Starbucks but I don’t see what the big deal is. I like a regular cup of coffee with sugar and cream. I don’t even know how to order from there. Its way to complicated lol. And to be perfectly honest I really can’t tell the difference between a Starbucks cup of coffee or the gas station espresso machine. I had a hot chocolate from the gas station the other day and if I was told it was from Starbucks I would have believed it. 🤣

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    • I actually have found the coffee at my local Wawa tastes better to me. Before the pandemic mess 7-Eleven was decent but ever since the crud, you are hard press to find a decent cup there. I think Starbucks is just a status symbol. Just like what car you drive or what phone you carry to be honest. I pray you are doing well my Ethernet friend.


  2. I started at Starbucks in 1990, having worked in some indie coffee houses places BEFORE that. But I’ve always liked a good, dark, fully flavored cup of drip. It’s my go to at any coffee shop figuring that if they can’t get that right, I’m not trying the espresso-based drinks.

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    • I am so bad!!! I didn’t realize your comment was stuck in pending. My bad. Guess I got to look at my settings in the app. It’s funny. I remember the “younger years” when I didn’t give a damn for coffee. Funny how things change.


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