The Christmas Spirit

I pulled out our Christmas tree this afternoon. I felt this year we had to have it up. Last year with all the Covid crap and News I wasn’t in the Christmas spirit.

I decided that this year it would be in our living room. In the past we have put it up in our family room. However, everything seems cluttered there. I also thought it would be nice to see the twinkling lights through our front window as you come home in the evening.

I am also using Wi-Fi switches to control when it will be on and off. I’ll tie the tree into the window candles next. If you are like me using an iPhone and want to control the devices with HomeKit, Wemo switches work the best. They work with Amazon, Google and with a firmware update, HomeKit.

I have an Amazon echo show for use with my blink cameras for monitoring the outside so I can easily control items with Alexa or Siri. with my Apple HomePod mini speakers throughout the house, my airplay enabled stereo system and the Ecobee thermostat, I can easily play Christmas music throughout the home.

Now to see if I can feel some of the Christmas spirit this year. The real meaning of the season, not the over commercialization of the holiday.

I pray you and your family find some joy this season.

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