This morning as you stop to read this entry, I’m starting day 118 of not having smoked a cigarette!!! That’s 3 months and 26 days.

I am amazed by this. I figured for sure I worked have stumbled along the way but so far I’ve made it. I’m getting to the point now I am tired of turn nicotine gum. I expect within the next week or so to stop that. I’ll probably buy one more box just in case I’m finding the urge is coming on strong.

Maybe part of what is different is I was reaching the point I wanted to quit. I was finding myself in situations that I was around people who I admired and the thought I smelled like an ashtray around them started to pop up in my thoughts more and more.

Unlike in the past, I’m working it regularly and the fear of quitting smoking and gaining weight hasn’t been an issue mentally.

Couldn’t have done this all on my own.

Also, in honor of #transformationTuesday:

What a difference eight years makes. Not done trying to get where I want to be but helps to stop and look where you used to be to gain perspective.

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