The day after…

I hope everyone has a nice Christmas with family and friends. I know a few people who were alone and not close enough to visit. They sounded miserable. Don’t forget to check on folks in your life. Especially those that are alone. The holidays makes it worse for them.

Let me say… I am glad Christmas is done. I wasn’t feeling it at times this year. It had more to do with all the commercialism and pressure to get gifts. With prices on everything higher and lots of items you can’t get quickly it made for feeling pressure.

It just reinforced that the holiday isn’t supposed to be about what you get. It’s about the people in your life. That’s what’s really important at the end of it all.

Maybe next Christmas will be better and less stressful. Going to be looking earlier for special gifts for those important in my life. Also gifts that are more meaningful.

I hope you are getting much needed rest from all the festivities.

I just realized I’m up to 122 days since having a cigarette. So far so good!!! The best gift I could have given myself.

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