Work / Personal Life Balance

What would you say if you were able to go to your job, turn off your personal life and when you leave, turn off work?

Think that would be great, right?

That’s the premise of a new series on Apple TV called Severance. A company called Lumon, has a severance floor where employees have been altered, a device is implanted in their brains. As they come to work and go to their floor, they switch to their work, or inner work self. When they leave and go up the elevator, their outer self takes over.

What appears to be what people dream of as the ultimate way to separate work and personal lives turns into a dystopian nightmare. Or does it?

If you subscribe to Apple TV, check out the episodes already out. Tell me what you think.

6 thoughts on “Work / Personal Life Balance

  1. I like the show a lot. Reminds me of Twilight Zone episodes. It’s creepy and mysterious, not sure where it’s going but I’ll keep watching to find out. Being split the way they are has more trouble than its worth, that’s kind of clear early on. But there’s more to the plot…


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